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How to Make Money on 9jaoja

ow to make money on let’s take for instance… Paul, a member of VTUKing, buys data from us at N470 per gigabyte.

As a student, he decided to be retailing the data plans by selling to his colleagues at N600 or N550 per gig depending on the price he wishes to sell.

By so doing, he makes N80 or N130 per transaction. If he has as little as 10 transactions per day, that will make him N800 or N1300 respectively on daily basis.

Now, N800 * 30 days is equivalent to N24,000 monthly. OR 
N1300 * 30 which is N39,000 a month as profit without any stress.

Remember that this is for Data selling alone, imagine if Paul was also retailing other products like Waec PINs, or Cable(DsTV subscriptions).
—-He may be making N150,000 a month in profits. That is N5000 in profits everyday.

How do I get started and begin making money from this offer? It’s quite easy… 
Just register on this platform
– fund your wallet via card or transfer.
– then you can buy data or other products for yourself or anyone else at anytime, any day.

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